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Our Changing Landscape

The Friends of Colne Valley Park have a wonderful photo album dating from 1982. Someone took a photo at each grid reference in the whole of the 43 square miles of the Colne Valley looking North, South, East and West at each point.
The Friends of Colne Valley Park have won a Lottery Heritage grant to repeat these photos and provide an illustration of the changes to our landscape. In the process they hope to involve many local residents and exchange knowledge of the local areas and to pass on skills including photography, map reading and conservation.

One of these grid points is in Bayhurst Woods and the photos from 1982 are reproduced above. If you would like to take your own photo to see the difference now the grid reference is 890 070 

Click here to see the original photos taken in 1982 at this position compared against photos taken more recently in the same position Landscape Camera Bayhurst Woods

If you do go out and reproduce the scene it would be wonderful if you could share the photos with us and maybe allow us to print them in a future edition of our newsletter.
There are opportunities both to join in the activities that will accompany this project and to see the original photo album for yourselves.

If you would like to share with us any photos that you have taken in Ruislip Woods, you could either tweet a picture and including @RuislipWoods or email using the details here : Contact Us

Click here for further details of the Landscape Camera Project

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